crystal River

This is from our Crystal River, FL job. We are building (4) tanks for Duke Energy there.



Large LNG Vessels

These cryogenic LNG storage tanks are the largest shop-fabricated, double-wall, vacuum-insulated tanks built in the U.S.

These tanks allow for greater storage of natural gas in its liquefied state, where it takes up 1/600th of the volume compared to its gaseous state.

LNG Storage

  • ASME Code  Section VIII, Div 1

  • Size                 19' x 180'

  • Weight         600,000 lbs

  • Capacity     1000 cubic meters (265,000 gallons)
  • NDE               100% Radiographic and Ultrasonic and 100%  Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Coating        NACE Standards

Stainless Vessels

GRI's fabrication experience includes duplex stainless steel. In some cases, stainless and duplex stainless steel can be more competitive than carbon steel, painted and lined tanks. They also offer lower maintenance requirements over the life of your vessel. The overall cost effectiveness of this material gives a huge advantage for our customers.