Experienced Fabrication & Construction for Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry plays a vital role in the economy of this country and around the world.

That’s why developing strong relationships with customers in this sector is essential to GRI. We have the capabilities and the experience to deliver high-quality equipment to serve the paper and pulp industry.

As one of the largest industrial sectors in the world, the processing and production of pulp and paper is critical to the global economy. GRI is uniquely positioned to support customers in this industry for their fabrication, construction and maintenance needs for high-quality equipment and efficient plant operation.

We deliver the superior quality to extend the life cycle of our customers’ equipment and to maximize their investment. Our team has the skill, experience and drive to help our customers complete any paper production and processing pulp project on time and within budget.

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Skilled Workers and Broad Resources

Experienced millwrights and welders are critical to building and maintaining your plant equipment for the pulp and paper industry, and GRI has access to this skilled workforce. Our broad range of resources – engineers, material sources, planners, a dedicated fabrication facility, skilled craftsmen in the shop and on your jobsite inspectors and the management team – has us well equipped to handle jobs of any size, on any schedule and with any budget.

And when a project grows in scope, we have the resources to increase the size of our team at a moment’s notice. In most cases, we can have a crew mobilized within 24 hours, and our experts deliver with the highest level of safety and quality.

Commitment to Safety

At GRI, the safety of our employees, customers, vendors and the community is more than a priority – it’s a core value. Our team utilizes the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) tool set and the Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program to ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to on every project – in our facility or on job sites such as paper mills.

Our team members are trained to maintain constant awareness of at-risk exposures and hazards to prevent accidents. There is no compromise when it comes to safety. We get the job done, and we get it done safely.

Quality a Part of Every Process

You have specific requirements for your pulp and paper projects. We have the high-quality solutions to meet your needs. We employ skilled craft workers with knowledge and experience of ASME and API standards in our certified programs, while partnering with National Board Authorized Inspection agencies. Our quality assurance programs include in-house AWS-certified welding inspectors and in-house Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques and procedures to ensure your project is completed to meet your requirements. Our qualifications and programs include:

  • ASME Code S, PP, U and R Stamps for power boilers, power piping and pressure vessels
  • Power Piping ASME B31.1 QA program
  • Chemical Piping ASME B31.3 QA program
  • API 1104
  • Computed radiography, magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing (ASNT standards)
  • On staff quality assurance:
    • Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI)
    • ASNT Level II NDT Technicians
    • NACE Certified Coatings Inspectors
  • Project-specific Inspect and Test Plans (ITP) are created for each project

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