Put the Field Construction & Maintenance Leader to Work for You

Great River Industries is a nationally-recognized leader in field tank construction and maintenance repairs. Our experienced team of engineers and skilled tradesmen will ensure that customers’ tank requirements are met through our rigorous safety, quality and cost-effective processes.

New Construction

GRI will construct your new field tanks on time and in accordance with API 650 and 620 codes. Our team of experts specialize in the design, fabrication and erection of field tanks up to 300′ in diameter in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy.

Look to GRI for your next field tank:

  • Cone bottom
  • Dome roof
  • Dome bottom
  • Double bottom
  • Internal and external floating roof
  • Open top
  • Shovel bottom
  • Supported and self-supported cone roof
  • Umbrella and dished dome roof

Tank Maintenance

When you need standard or emergency repairs to your field tanks, look to the experts at GRI. With our extensive experience and construction knowledge, our team provides skilled repairs and maintenance services to keep your tanks in peak condition and with minimal disruption to your operations.

All our repair work complies with API 653 standards, and our specialized expertise includes:

  • Bottom replacement
  • Foundation work
  • Liner installation
  • Roof replacement
  • Cone roof
  • Internal and external floating roof
  • Secondary containment and leak detection
  • Shell inserts
  • Tank appurtenance repair or replacement
  • Tank jacking and leveling